Stupid Baby…or…Baby Makes Mommy Stupid.

Stupid Baby.  That was what the baby was called in it’s first few weeks in the womb.  I know.  It’s not ideal, some might even frown upon that name, but it really was a term of endearment.  Sort of.  This was not planned, you know.  And yes…the baby is going to bring many wonderful things to my life, but it’s already taking things, too.  Like:

1. My appetite. I’m so glad I’m getting out of the morning sickness now. It’s reduced itself to feeling a little queasy when I’m hungry, which is much more manageable than only being able to put ginger ale/sprite and saltines in my mouth.
2. My waistline. My jeans felt snug this morning and I hate it.  It’s mainly due to me now being able to eat…and eating everything I want.  No more.  Me gaining less than 15 pounds during this pregnancy is not a fantasy…I did it with Mini Me and I will do it with this one, dammit.
3. My energy.  Lord have mercy, some days I feel like I’m literally dragging myself around.  I haven’t been going to the gym because of it, which is also why the baby is already taking my waistline.  To make it worse, just when I start to feel better and think I’m not tired anymore, it hits me again.
4. My mind. My emotional ups and downs are the stuff that movies on mental disorders are made of, but that’s normal.  Half the time I have no sense of humor anymore, either.  What’s worse are my memory and general thought processes.  I am not the same person.  My memory and ditzy-ness was bad before, but now it’s horrible.  I forget everything.  I must have called Mike by Mini-Me’s name at least three times last night.  I can’t complete a sentence.  The other day I was so proud of myself because I had time in the morning to put a damn chicken in a crock pot, so dinner would be made when I got home.  Only to realize during work that I had put it on high instead of low…so the possibility of burnt chicken when I got home was very good.  I came home to a completely raw chicken sitting in a crock pot because I had forgotten to plug the fucking thing in.  I had to throw it out.

Goodness.  Is my first trimester over yet?
Not even close.  I had an ultrasound last week.  The baby was only 2/3 inches long, which put me at 8 weeks.  The doctor’s dumb assistant was a few weeks off on how far along I was at my first appointment.  Our new due date is May 15, which is what Mike and I had been thinking all along.  Meet Gummy Bear.
The technician called this the gummy bear shot and the name has stuck.  He does look like a little gummy bear, though, doesn’t he? The head is on the left. I know it’s hard to tell. I can’t wait until the next one when we can find out what it is.  I’m also looking forward to feeling the baby move.  I guess this means that the countdown is on for the second trimester.  About 7 weeks to go!


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