And So Begins the Honeymoon…

I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant today, which means that in just under a week I’ll be entering my second trimester.  In the baby world, this is referred to as “The Honeymoon Trimester”, because I’ll finally start to feel like a normal human being again.  I already feel mostly normal.  (Keyword: mostly) I no longer have morning sickness and during the day I feel like I could knock out a Zumba and Yoga class all in one sitting…but then about 4 pm the exhaustion sets in and I feel like it’s a struggle just to walk across a room.  Monday I went home, made dinner for the kids, cleaned the kitchen, and helped them with their homework…then laid on the bed and promptly fell asleep.  It was about 8:30.  I guess being in your thirties and pregnant IS a lot different after all.  I don’t remember feeling this tired with the last two.
My emotions are still mostly out of whack.  I don’t like it.  My positive, happy, even-tempered self has disappeared.  I hope I get her back.  Cancers are naturally very moody people, but I had learned to reign that in and just be a mental nutcase once a month! Pregnancy is basically being in a perpetual state of PMS…without the ability to drink bottles of wine.  Emotions all over the place, no control, and no filter.  Super shitty.
My clothes mostly fit. My belly is getting a little rounder, which makes it difficult to find anything to wear and that is frustrating as hell to me.  I just about jumped for joy when I found a pair of my old pants today that actually fastened.  Being too small for maternity wear, not quite looking pregnant, but not being able to fit into your normal clothes is an uncomfortable place to be.  I do not feel sexy.  I feel homely on a good day.  I ordered a BellaBand, which is supposed to be a lifesaver in this situation (basically it holds your unbuttoned pants up, but looks like a layered cami under your clothes).  I hope so.  I don’t like not feeling good about myself.  Today my boss told me that I’ve actually gotten prettier in the last month and I almost cried.  I guess I needed that.
Goodness. Somebody hold up a glass of some kind of alcoholic beverage that I can’t drink and make a toast to this being the last week of my first trimester…because I’m so done with this crap.

On a good note: (since you were nice enough to read through my venting/bitching)  I can feel the baby move now, which is amazing and brings the biggest smile to my face.  I can’t feel it all the time, but every once in a while I’ll feel it.  I still can’t wait to feel the baby move all the time.  It’s the most wonderful thing ever.  Here is the most recent picture:
Also…speaking of honeymoons…
Mike and I decided not to get married in October of next year. Don’t freak out.  We are now going to have a small, private ceremony on January 7.  During one of my small emotional episodes last week, I mentioned that it might be a better idea to just get married and use the money we would have spent on the wedding for something more practical…like a house.  Mike was happy about the idea and that is a whole lot of planning pressure off of me, which is nice. I think the new baby will bring enough tension and stress into the house.  We don’t need Bridezilla to come into the picture too, you know.


One thought on “And So Begins the Honeymoon…

  1. Good choice with the small wedding. I thought I wanted the fairy tale princess, invite every-freakin-second-cousin’s-brother we know kind of wedding, but Frank and I went low key. Got married in my parent’s living room with 12 of our closest family members and friends around us! It was Ahh-mazing! Go for it! Do what you gotta do girl. Keep us posted. I love reading your blog!

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