No Booze For You!

It’s Thanksgiving week and I am thankful that I am not stressed out about it at all.  Maybe I should be, but now I am choosing to only think about the fact that I am only making dinner for 10 people now, as opposed to like, 15.  And that yes, we will have a crowded condo this week, but it is because Mike’s kids are coming from UT and we are super excited to see them.  Could this be positivity that I am experiencing?!  I think it is! I am really glad that I am feeling the effects of my second trimester BEFORE the holiday season.  I would say that it would be awful for everyone to have a red-faced, freaked out, snappy monster in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, but I think that people would generally say that’s how I get anyway.  Maybe it’s because I generally drink while I cook.
I’m just saying that it’s a possibility.
Lucky for everyone, I am banned from the wine supply this year.


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