Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter is here! It’s even snowing on my blog…did you notice that?  Monday, we were at a blissful 72 degrees and now it’s dropped by 20.  That’s cold by Las Vegas standards.  Luckily, I don’t feel like I’m freezing to death 24/7 like I was my first trimester, so I’m taking it in stride.  I’ve been a little worried that I wouldn’t have anything to wear when the weather changed, since one can only wear a maxi dress and flip-flops so many months out of the year (in the desert I get a good 7 months out of that combo) and my jeans aren’t doing so well with the BellaBand anymore.  I figured it was time to move on to maternity wear, so I ordered a pair of maternity jeans yesterday. Why is it that just about every freaking maternity shirt has a big ass bow on it?  Yes, most people would say that a baby is a gift from God, but I don’t think I need to walk around looking like an oversized present, thank you very much (let’s face it, NOBODY does).  I also don’t need to be walking around wearing shirts like this, so I’m left with tees and tanks under cardigans or something, which is pretty much my style anyway.

Things have been going smoothly lately.  No complaints here. Yay! I’m 16 weeks 3 days today, the baby is a turnip, I’m into my second trimester, my appetite has morphed into trucker status, and (as Mike says) I’m like a cat in heat.  I’m super anxious to find out what we’re having and I was secretly hoping that at my appointment today they would see a little something (or lack thereof), but the doctor was just looking for the heartbeat.  No picture today, either. Boo.  We did see the little bugger wriggling all over the place and kicking its legs, which was awesome.  Our next official ultrasound is Jan 6th.  We better find out what the gummy bear is, so I can stop having dreams of things like babies with full mustaches and beards.
That will be a big weekend for the family. We find out what the new baby will be and Mike and I are getting married.  Big start to a big year!


One thought on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I noticed the WordPress snow, too. And I’m actually starting to like it a little! Congrats on the first maternity pants purchase. Let me just tell you that they are HEAVEN. I am never, and I said never, moving out of these things 🙂

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