Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just in case you don’t get the title. See here.

To offset the emotional breakdown I almost had while writing my last post and to pay homage to my love of creepy Santas, I have decided to have part deux. Yes, Santa is totally awesome and obviously loves to dance, as seen on YouTube. Santa can also be just about the creepiest mofo alive, especially to children who are forced to sit on his fuzzy (and sometimes smelly) lap at Christmas time.  I, actually, never had my kids take pictures with fake Santa for that reason. He totally creeped me the fuck out.  I may do it this year, though, because my Little Man and Mini Me are old enough for me to torture for my entertainment and it not cause any permanent damage. If I really wanted to get into it, I would stake out all the Santas in town, find the creepiest one, and take them there. I’m a little lazy for that, so I’ll just take them to the closest one. I will tell them that mommy is pregnant and this is the last Christmas picture of just the two of them that I will have. If I’m lucky, I’ll be emotional enough to cry a little and make them feel bad…then they’ll have to do what I say.  I would love to add a picture of them to my creepy Santa collection (yes…I started collecting creepy Santa tchochke last year). I’m a little twisted.


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