Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I am currently working on a little project with a friend from highschool, who lives across the country.  She bought her children those little elves that have become so popular in the last few years and to seal the deal, as it were, and make a true believer of her children, she has asked me to send them a letter from Santa.  Children are smart little creatures, so the post mark has to be from a different state…and what better place than Las Vegas, right?  It’s well known that Santa needs a little vacation before the Christmas rush.
My children have passed the Elf on a Shelf stage, but I still “play Santa” every Christmas for them.  My step-mom did it for me all the way through my teens and it never got old.  Mini Me is on the cusp of believing in Santa.  Rather, she still wants to believe.  I can tell.  Her brain tells her that obviously mommy is Santa (it doesn’t help that she found the box from the scooter that Santa gave her last year under my bed), but a few years ago she wrote her last letter to Santa and left it by the cookies she sets out every year. I disguised my writing as much as I could and wrote a response, telling her that as long as she believed that Santa was real, then he would be.  I kept that letter and every year since then, she has gotten it out, read that little paragraph, and a little spark of belief is ignited once again.  It keeps her young for just a little while longer.
Being pregnant has made me more aware of just how much my other kids are growing.  I hugged Little Man this morning and realized that he is almost as tall as I am, now. He’s 12 and of course he doesn’t believe in Santa, but he knows the drill and keeps up the charade for his sister’s sake.
I’m a little sad that my bigger babies aren’t babies anymore.

So, I’m glad I get to help my friend keep her children believing this year. I need to get back in the practice of celebrating Christmas through the eyes of a young child. It makes this time of year all the more magical.
In a few years the new baby will be old enough to believe…and maybe it will keep us all young and believing, if only for a little while.


3 thoughts on “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

  1. I have to tell my parents I still believe in Santa, otherwise I don’t get $100 and lottery tickets. Plus, it’s way more fun than NOT believing. And it irks the crap out of my Bah-Humbug McScrooge of a husband.

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