We’re Halfway There!

Yesterday marked the halfway point in my pregnancy – 20 weeks! It’s incredibly exciting. The baby is now a banana.  I still haven’t quite figured out how the baby went from being a mango to a banana, but I also saw something on a site other than What to Expect that compared it to a small cantaloupe. That makes more sense to me.

Mama's new toy.

Christmas just passed and it was fantastic. Mike, being the perfect soon-to-be-husband that he is, got me an amazing camera.  I’ve wanted one for a while, but even more so lately, since I know I’m going to want to take a picture of the Gummy Bear every 5 minutes once she comes.  That’s right. I said “she”.  We don’t find out for another week and a half, but I’m pretty convinced it’s a girl.  So is everyone that has an opinion about it, too, it seems.  I envy those people who can wait to find out what the sex of their baby is.  I am way too OCD for that – I need to prepare and know what I’m buying for.  Speaking of buying…I have this incredible urge to start gathering supplies and prepping for Gummy’s arrival.  I am on vacation this week, and I thought for sure my nesting instinct would kick in and I would be cleaning the condo from floor to ceiling. Nope. No such luck. I’m eating pie and deciding whether to take a nap. Evidently, I just want to shop for stuff.  Go me!  I was a little productive and took Christmas down yesterday.  I’m usually one of those people who leaves everything up until after the new year, but our tree had become a petrified piece of shit that was threatening to poke someone’s eye out if they passed by it. It was quite sad to have a dead tree on Christmas day, but it held on pretty well.
On the marriage front, we’re at T-9 days…which is insane! I can’t believe it’s already here. My dress and all of my accessories are coming in this week, some of which have already arrived. Planning for this small event has been so much easier than planning the big wedding that we were originally going to have next year. Now, I can go into full baby planning mode.  The first 20 weeks went by pretty fast…these next 20 are sure to fly by.

Oh! And a special thanks to the family member that must have paid for my neighbor’s cable/internet to be turned back on, without which I would not have a signal to jump off of today.  The last two weeks without internet at the house has been almost painful.


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