The Headless Chicken

So, I keep coming back here to blog…I had planned on writing a funny blog on a few things I learned during my week-long vacation, but I just haven’t gotten to it this week. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, making sure everything is set for the wedding tomorrow, has taken away my time and my inspiration. (Holy shit, I’m getting married tomorrow!)
New Year’s Eve was spent making homemade pizza, playing board games, and guzzling sparkling cider with family.  It also entailed me enslaving my mom and having her take in my wedding dress that literally wanted to fall off when I put it on last week. (did I mention things have been a little crazy?) Everything got fixed and NYE went smoothly and was tons of fun.

The sweat shop.

Fireworks on the Strip as seen from my house...

I got the last of the details together this week and I am so ready for tomorrow to come.  We’ll be getting married downtown, having dinner at the Triple George Grill with family, then Mike and I are spending our wedding night at The Artisan for some extra special alone time (cue porn music).

Although this is a very special weekend in itself, today made it extra special, because we got to go get a new picture of the Gummy Bear (which now looks totally like a baby and not a gummy bear at all) and “take a peek at the sex” as the ultrasound tech put it.  It’s official.
This baby:
is a girl!

Baby's First (and last) internet hoo-ha picture.

That’s right. I just displayed my baby’s goods for all to see. I had a friend on Facebook complain that she could not see them in the picture I posted there, so I promised her one here. As long as this is the only internet shot like this ever, we’ll be ok.  Next step: keep her off the pole.

Mike is beyond emotional ecstatic about having a girl, so I better be ready for him to spoil her rotten. It’s adorable.
Plus, baby girls are the best to dress up. Cute outfits and hairdo’s are in store, people.



10 thoughts on “The Headless Chicken

  1. Had I known your mom sewed when we worked together, we so would have shared tips. ❤ Love the baby girl, Congrats.

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