Like Riding a Bike

I had recently made reference to the fact that I might be a little frightened that I don’t know how to care for a baby anymore, since my youngest is 9 and I have hardly even been in the room with an infant since she was little.  All my worries are now over.
And if you’re a little afraid, as I was, then follow this advice and you will be fine, too.  Here are a few instructions that I recently came across on how to care for your baby.  A little do this, not that.

I think Mike and I were really surprised at that last one. Yes, a good snuggle is awesome when you need to be calmed…but sometimes you I just need a drink. I’m glad I found this.  Who needs tips on getting baby to sleep, or breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, or anything for that matter.  I just needed to know not to clean my baby off with a hose. (Until it’s a bigger baby and has the worst shit I’ve ever seen. Then that ass is getting cleaned in the yard.  I grew up in the South…that’s how we roll)


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