15 Weeks To Go?!

I hit 25 weeks today.  Why do I feel like it’s “crunch time”?
Maybe because:

1. Things I have for the baby = one onesie that may or may not fit when Gummy is born, depending on her weight.  And a stuffed carrot sporting a mustache that I bought months ago.

Monsieur Carrot. You can click the link to get one of your own! Flaky Friends are made locally in Las Vegas and kick ass.

2. I am still debating on whether or not to breastfeed.  I know, I know.  To some moms this may be a no brainer, but I didn’t breastfeed my first two.  This is a big decision. There are a whole list of pros and cons that I am mentally working through and I’m constantly changing my mind.  This is worthy of a blog all on its own.

3. Pregnancy emotions are still in full effect and I may tend to stress about needless things.

We’ll be ready (my daily affirmation).  The baby shower date is set and I created some adorable looking invitations last weekend.  They aren’t completely done…I still need to print them out and get them ready to be sent, but the idea is complete.  Yes, I made the invitations for my own baby shower.  Have I ever mentioned that I have control issues?
Luckily, Sailor Girl who is psychic or something, picked out decorations that go perfectly with my invites.  They also match Gummy’s crib set that I have picked out, but not yet purchased.
The one thing I keep reminding myself, is that babies really don’t require EVERYTHING the websites and various manufacturers like to make you think they need.  Like baby scales that are “smart” and upload data to your phone, then tweet your baby’s weight.  Seriously.  They have those.

Anyhoo – in other baby news – Gummy Bear has taken to kicking the crap out of me.  The strength of her kicks makes me jump half the time, especially if it comes out of nowhere.  Mike finally got to feel her bump his hand out of the blue last week.  He’s seen a little movement, but this was the first time he actually got to feel it.
I haven’t really had any sleep problems, except for the other night.  Gummy decided that me laying on my left side just wasn’t going to work for her, so she would shift, roll, and kick until I switched sides.  Between that and going to the bathroom a million times, I got hardly any sleep.  She has also decided that she really likes it way up at the top of the womb, as close to mommy’s lungs as possible – that way, when mommy sits, she can smush the lungs and make it feel like mommy can’t breathe.  It’s fucking awesome.  One of these days not feeling like I can breathe is going to send me into a full-blown panic attack.  I swear.  The plus side?  I don’t quite feel like I am going to pee my pants when I stand up.


7 thoughts on “15 Weeks To Go?!

  1. That’s a pretty passive aggressive way to shoot down the scale I am buying. It Tweets, emails AND will probably ge you tea if you ask. Read the description, “…to create a personal growth history”.

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