The Way To A Pregnant Girls Heart

This morning Mike and I got up earlier than usual and made breakfast for the kids.
Ok, so we both got up early, but he made breakfast.  I cut the strawberries and put out cards and candy for everybody, because I’m awesome like that.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but behold! a heart-shaped box and various kiddie valentines were spread out at my spot at the table.  Each valentine had written in it something that he loves about me (awwwwwww).  The last one I opened said:


It’s romantic. Shut up.

Then I noticed that the box of chocolates was already opened.
“WTF?  I bet he ate my favorite one…or took a bite out of all of them…or it’s empty!” (I said this to myself of course, because I didn’t want to be a brat)
But upon opening it,  I saw sweet tarts! I thought that was so sweet, because I’m not much of a chocolate lover anyway…so I popped one in my mouth.

They weren’t sweet tarts.

Last week I tweeted this little diddy. My heart burn has been a little out of control lately.

The man pays attention, y'all.


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