Single Digits

I’ve come out of my state of hormonal imbalance hiding!

The single digit countdown has begun.  We are sitting at 8 weeks and 5 days until D-Day and I will admit that the third trimester has gotten to me.  We’ve entered the phase of hot flashes and swollen feet.  It’s not pretty.  My hormones are out of control.  I have no patience, I get angry for no reason, I snap at others, then I cry because I snap at others or for no reason at all…I’m like a dog that turns on its owner out of the blue.
I have good days with high energy, but then some days I’m just exhausted at the end of the day.  There’s less sleep, because I’m constantly having to switch back and forth between sides.  All this, mixed with the achiness and sometimes general lack of comfort just compounds to make me even more cranky.  It’s amazing.  And don’t get me started on how baby seems to really like shoving her legs into my ribs.

We had a gestational diabetes scare a few weeks ago that made both Mike and I super nervous.  I got called back in for the dreaded second glucose screening.  Everything came back normal, though, and at my last appointment the doctor used the word perfect to describe me for the millionth time…but who doesn’t?

I’m ready to meet Gummy and see what she looks like and what kind of person she is.  And to kiss her sweet little baby feet.  We’re still being slow on having our home ready to go.  I’m less freaked out about it than I probably should be.  I’ve gotten more freaked out about her lack of movement than I have about her layette.  Or that we haven’t gotten the crib, yet.  We’ve still got some time.

Physically and mentally I think I’m ready for this to be over now.  I know this because:

~ Last time I went to the grocery store I stood in front of the case of Guinness, staring at it longingly for an inappropriate amount of time.  This time last year I was making Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.  I’m ready for booze again. Not to go out and party…just to be able to have a few beers when I please.

~ I woke up a few nights ago realizing that I was sleeping on my stomach. What the hell?!!  I’m a stomach sleeper, but I’ve been really good about sleeping on my sides this whole pregnancy.
I quickly rolled back on my side and immediately felt the baby start to shift around and get comfy, but it scared the hell out of me.  I read later that morning online that many women are still able to sleep on their stomach during pregnancy and that it will be uncomfortable to the mom way before it would ever hurt the baby…but I don’t want to wake up like that again.  It was a little frightening.

~ I’ve stopped dreaming about the baby and I’m not pregnant in my dreams anymore.  I dream about having conversations with old black men while fixing a toilet.  I don’t know what that means exactly, but I think my mind is ready to move on to the next phase…Mommy of an Infant…or it is preparing to  completely go off the deep end.

~ I’m pregnant and I just know. Stop questioning me.




5 thoughts on “Single Digits

  1. Here you are again.
    How selfish of you to get me hooked on your blog and disappear like that, pregnant and all, without even telling me…

  2. 1. Oh my god. The rib-kicks. What the hell is that?! HORRIBLE, that’s what…And always in the middle of the night for me!
    2.Okay, I don’t even LIKE Guinness and I have been dreaming about that rich, steak-like thickness for a couple of weeks now. What’s up with that?
    3. I have been sleeping in a weird stomach/side combination position. And really, I haven’t been able to help it. It seems to relieve the pressure on my pelvis and the baby moves to the side that I am not putting pressure on (I have to have one knee as far up as I can stand it in order to take the pressure off, which, luckily, is comfortable for me.)
    4. I have exactly nine weeks to go! Hooray for US!

    • Yes! Hooray! It’s coming so fast…I can’t believe it!
      I get my rib beatings at work. I don’t think she likes my sitting position. It feels like she’s pressing her feet into the bottom of my ribs and stretching out her legs. Weirdest feeling EVER. My nighttime kicks consist of jabs to the side, which tickles AND hurts at the same time.

  3. The last trimester is the longest. But the last two weeks are the longer-er-est. You might start to think you’re pregnant forever, carrying a full grown adult around in there for both of your lives. But fear not; they all come out eventually. And then time will warp speed past you and all of a sudden they are two. Babies defy time-logic. Them’s the rules.

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