You Had a Bad Day…

No, no, no.  We are not going to listen to that sad, weepy song by Daniel Powter.  This “I’m tired, it’s Monday, I’m sick of my job, and I hate everybody and their fucking mother” kind of day calls for a little something different.

Before they were Betty Blowtorch, they were Butt Trumpet.  I wish I still owned this CD.  This is the kind of music I listened to before I joined the “bright side”, if you will, and became all Pollyanna-like.  I can’t be positive all of the time, you know.  If you have any aversion whatsoever to any kind of foul language…don’t listen. You can take your pretty rainbows and glitter and unicorns elsewhere for now.  We’re letting out the hate in our hearts around here and it might get on you.


I think I feel better.
There are new pictures of Gummy (finally), so you can expect a little update on that tomorrow, loves.


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