Party All Night, Sleep All Day

Holy shitballs, you guys…my precious baby daughter kept us up all night last night.  The last time I was up like that, there was most likely some sort of recreational activity like sex or light to moderate drug use involved and most definitely some alcoholic beverages.  There was none of this. None at all.  We’ve honestly been a little spoiled, because she’s slept pretty well at night since she was born.  She wakes to eat, but other than that, all her crankiness generally takes place during the day.  Last night was hard.
But it was my fault.  I even called it.  It seemed like she was just sleeping way too much yesterday and I distinctly remember making a comment like, “She’s not going to sleep at all tonight”.  Way to go, Chicken.  Next time I have a lightbulb like that go on in my head, I better take steps to actually prevent  said occurrence from happening.
Mike took the first shift, but at 12:45am when she was still being fussy, I stepped in like the superhero I think I am.  Cape flying, hands on my hips, the whole bit.  After all, he actually had to leave the house to go to work today and I have the option of just staying in my pajamas and taking a nap if I need it.  That doesn’t mean that he just lay there snoring while I bounced a crying baby.  Don’t get me wrong, there was snoring…but there were also brief periods where he would have a partly non-sensical conversation with me of sentences broken by sleep.  He’s so supportive.  Truly! No sarcasm intended. Between trying to figure out what he was saying and various social media sites, I was entertained.  I have to say, though, the way my neck and shoulders feel this morning…I think I slept some sitting up while holding the baby.  I can’t be sure.
Like I can’t be sure I didn’t hit any cars or run over any children while taking Little Man to school this morning. They say that driving while sleepy is worse than driving while intoxicated, you know.  But I wouldn’t know anything about that.


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