It’s The Little Things.


Just a few moments ago, I was finishing up some things on the computer – getting ready to shut it down and tackle some dishes in the sink. The Gummy Bear was next to me in her bouncy seat nodding off.  I was a little distracted by trying to finish what I was doing and keep my end of the conversation with two of the older children that had wandered in, when she started to shift around and get fussy.  I gave her the pacifier that had fallen out of her mouth and laid my hand on her chest to calm her back into her slumber. She then reached up, put her hand on mine, and wrapped her chubby little fingers around it.  I had to snap a picture with my phone, so I wouldn’t forget this moment.  To anyone else, this looks like any other photo.  She could have already been sleeping and I could have easily slipped my hand under hers, but this was something different.
This wasn’t a reflex.  Those have almost gone and I’ve been trying to get her to willingly grab an object for about a week. She hasn’t done it.  There is no telling when she’ll do it again.
This moment was about her recognizing me as something other than just the provider of food and the soother of cries.  I was Mommy. Ironically, Mike sent me an email earlier that jokingly asked if I wanted to go back to work so I had more time to Facebook and blog.  The answer is simple. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.


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