Never Say Never

I don’t know how this happened.  I specifically remember having a conversation with Mike while I was pregnant about how much I did not want to co sleep.  I am a firm believer that the baby should be put in their own bed from birth and that the parent’s bed should stay their own domain.

We both agreed.

Enter Gummy Bear.We have honestly not had any problems with her only wanting to sleep in a certain spot.  She will sleep in her crib alone, in her bouncy seat, in the carrier, in the stroller, sprawled out on a lounge chair poolside…
but she sleeps best and is the most content snuggled up right next to me in our bed.  I gave birth to a natural co-sleeper.

All snuggled up. Preferably with hand latched onto shirt or placed on boob.

I have to admit that I enjoy it.  At night, I do put her in her crib to sleep.  But at 6am, when she wakes up a little restless, I bring her in the bed with me and we lay together.  Mike is sometimes already gone for the day and it is our snuggle time.  Some of those mornings I will read quietly next to her for a bit and on other mornings I fall asleep with her and we sleep in until 9am. (No, I’m not lacking in sleep. That’s for sure.)  I won’t always do this, as my schedule won’t allow it once school starts for Mini Me and Little Man, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.  There is nothing like the huge smile she gives me when she wakes up and sees me there with her.  It’s a little addictive.
Lucky for her I’m easily addicted to things.


5 thoughts on “Never Say Never

    • That’s one of the reason’s I didn’t want her in the bed, because I knew she would keep me awake..but she sleeps like a rock. And so do I. I don’t think I could do it all night, but naps ARE nice.

  1. she’s so sweet! what a beautiful face! and i know what you mean… we’ve been sleeping with our little guy too. didn’t mean too, but now i’m just starting to put him in his bed at night (at 7 weeks)… and it’s harder than it should be (for me – he’s totally fine).

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