Haiku Friday: Pinterest Wins Again

I recently learned about the rash of blogs, books, and websites dedicated strictly to haikus about life as parents.  Have you heard about this?  I feel out of the mommy loop on this one.  Google it. There are lots to look through. I was directed to Suburban Haiku and I have to say she’s pretty funny.  Her name is Peyton Price and she is on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m still searching some funny ones out.  I’ll be sure to update you on any other great ones I find.

The night I learned about this, as I was feeding Gummy at 3am, I spontaneously started coming up with some haikus of my own in my head. I wish I would have written them down. Half-asleep writing is like drunk writing (I’ve said this before) and there were some doozies.  Of course, now I can’t remember them.  In the spirit of it all, I sat down this morning to come up with a few and Haiku Friday was born.


How are your haiku skills?  Care to share?  It’s a little harder than I thought sometimes.  It’s like trying to keep my verbose tweets to 140 characters.


6 thoughts on “Haiku Friday: Pinterest Wins Again

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