Throwback Thursday: Dolls Get Lots of Attention In This House

It’s Thursday and Gummy and I are in the midst of our workweek.  It’s been an adventure.  I’ll write about it – the good and the bad – next week.
In the meantime, I’m going to direct you elsewhere.  Still my blog…just older.  The same, but different.  I started this blog on blogspot two years ago this month. It’s been a weird ride,  so for those of you who aren’t familiar with my journey from ho to housewife, I’ll be revisiting some funny moments a few times a month.
The “ransom” incident with Mini-Me’s doll reminded me of some pictures that were taken innocently by a seven-year old and turned naughty by her mother.  Because, that’s generally what I do best.  I was also going to share a video that I had seen around that same time of Barbie and Ken doing the nasty, but I didn’t realize how many videos there are to sift through when you Google barbie porn or barbies having sex.  Seriously.  It’s, like, a thing now on YouTube. The one I saw was funny.  I don’t know what that other shit is and I’m not going to watch them all at the office, you know?

So enjoy, by clicking the link below, while I sit here and try really hard not to go back and edit all the writing on my past blogs.

Kids are freakin’ crazy. That’s all..


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