Slow Down You Move Too Fast

While trying (not very whole heartedly) to catch up on blogs today, I came across this one. It was like a brick to the face or something like that.
When did I get so obsessive about getting things done around the house that I stopped doing the things that make me happy? Sometimes it takes a stranger to tell you about yourself for you to listen.
After reading this and actually getting the baby to take the nap of all naps, I decided to devote my day to catching up on some blogs and, if the baby continues to sleep, actually writing one.
I did vacuum, though, because I just REALLY couldn’t help myself.

Misc. Maggie Moves On

When I was around five years old, I would play school with my neighbors, the sisters Theresa and Vanessa. They were that Catholic although I doubt either one became a nun. Vanessa was an old lady of probably nine and she was the teacher. She mostly taught me and Theresa songs like “Edelweiss” and “The 59th Street Bridge Song”. It was the 70s, you could mix “The Sound of Music” with Simon and Garfunkel.

The other night in an attempt to simultaneously soothe Brigid as well as crack her up, I sang “The 59th Street Bridge Song” to her.

Slow down you move too fast
Ya gotta make the morning last
Just trippin’ down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groooooovvyyy!!!

She laughed.

When I was growing up and frantic for everything to get done and panicked if I didn’t think it would, my mother would always say, “it…

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2 thoughts on “Slow Down You Move Too Fast

  1. Ohmahgaw! You reblogged me! Thank you! And good for you, babies teach you to not worry about it or at least mine did, now I have to teach them as teenagers to relax! Thanks again.

    • You’re welcome!
      I used to pride myself on the fact that I lived my life and did the things that make me happy, not worrying about all the other crap like whether the dishes were done or if the floor was clean…
      I lost that somewhere recently, so thank YOU for reminding me!
      I look forward to reading your other posts!

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