Back To School – A Breakdown

The kids started a new school year a few weeks ago.  I’m obviously a little late with this post. I think the novelty has probably already worn off – for them, certainly for me, and for everyone else in the blogosphere – but I’ll write about it anyway.  Let’s face it.  It’s a huge deal to the kids and to parents it can be a very emotional time.  A little bittersweet, if you will.  It’s my least favorite time of the year and my favorite, all at the same time.

Back to School Shopping, the Mental Breakdown:
I hate it. Some people might not mind it. Good for them.  They are probably those overachieving moms who post on their Facebook status the weekend that school supplies hit Target, “Got the kid’s school shopping all done! Can’t wait to start another wonderful, amazing, cheery-all-the-time school year! I love everything! Look how fucking awesome I am!!!!!!!!”. That’s not me, if you haven’t noticed.
I went shopping for school clothes the week before school started. I mostly finished the weekend before. I feel like a horrible mom when I do this, until I hit the stores and am surrounded by every other person wandering around with pieces of paper printed with supplies that the kids may or may not need. We’re stuck rummaging through buckets of pencil sharpeners and rows of folders, because the children that just two days before hadn’t cared if they showered or stayed in their PJs all day are completely OCD about which supplies they get. We have to get just. the. right. one.
It’s like Christmas shopping at WalMart on Christmas Eve. I’ve done that, too. It sucks ass.

First Day of School, the Emotional Breakdown:
The Friday before school where we live is “Get Acquainted” Day at Mini-Me’s Elementary and “Schedule Pick-Up” Day at Little Man’s Middle School. It’s a busy day full of back-and-forth between the schools and home, but I love this day.  It’s exciting to me.  It’s a little glimpse into their personal world; the one that I’m not a part of when they leave for the day.  I did things like take pictures of Little Man opening his locker for the first time and being that he’s a big teenager now, I got a lot of flack for it. He secretly liked it.
Mini-Me started 4th grade this year. That’s not generally a milestone year. At least I didn’t think it was, until she started rattling on and on about her teacher, Mr. Super Hero and how awesome he is. And how cute he is. And OMG, do you think he’ll like my dress?! She’s totally hot for teacher. Aaaaawwwwwww….it’s her first teacher crush.
Was her first crush, I mean. She doesn’t talk about him anymore. I think actually being in his class killed the fantasy. There’s no mystery anymore – now he’s just a geek that gives her homework and makes weird videos of himself dressed like Darth Vader. Seriously.
Little Man had the big milestone this year. He became a teenager and he’s in 8th grade. I got a little teary-eyed with this one. He looked like such a big kid in his v-neck tee and skinny jeans on the first day of school. When he starts highschool next year I’m going to just lose it completely. He seems to care a lot more about school this year and I’m happy about that. It’s only the third week, though, right? His elective (that he chose on his own) is School Cafe Aide. He works in the school cafeteria every day and he loves it.
Honestly, I think he just tolerates it. He found out that he can do the same thing in highschool and actually get paid to for it. He knows he’s more likely to get placed there if he’s already done the work before. He’s thinking ahead. Smart kid.

Home Alone, the Physical Breakdown:
My day begins roughly at 5:30am and I go to sleep around 10:30-11pm. I also get up with Gummy around 3:30-4am for a feeding.  She’s sleeping 8 hours at a stretch before wanting to eat, but since she goes to bed at 8pm it’s still like I get up in the middle of the night for a feeding. This schedule isn’t so bad. She goes to sleep early, which gives Mike and I some time alone at night and after her feeding she goes back to sleep until between 7 and 8am, so it gives me time with the big kids in the morning to get them ready for school. And to have a cup of coffee and get on the computer for a little while, which is nice.
(Here I was going to write rant about how utterly exhausted (blah, blah, blah) this new schedule is making me and how it just wasn’t working and I’m not getting to blog and have time for myself (whine, whine, whine) – turns out I had a raging case of PMS and I can actually do something about all the things that were bothering me. I guess that’s the perk of having to write blogs bits and pieces at a time…I can go back and ask myself what the hell I was thinking. Or is that a hindrance? I kind of like letting my emotions flow and spitting them out in random words formed as sentences. It’s why I started this blog in the first place.)

Anyhoo, back-to-school is over. Everyone is finding their respective groove and settling in. Me as well, but as it turns out, I don’t like the groove I set for myself too much. Go figure.


7 thoughts on “Back To School – A Breakdown

  1. Is it nice to have your house quiet again? People always say that they love back to school time because it gets everyone out of the house, but I don’t really like it for that very reason. My husband is a teacher and I just miss him throughout the day (and his extra pair of hands!)

  2. Truth: I loved shopping for school supplies when I was in school and I can’t wait to do it again. There is just something so…calming about a fresh box of crayons.

    Also, I totally had a crush on my fourth grade teacher, too!! He was a first year, fresh out of college and cute. Also gullible and innocent and we made him cry and I still feel bad about that.

    • HA! I have to say that I love office supplies and art supplies and all those things…but I’ll just buy mine when I don’t have to cram down the aisle with 10 other moms and dads. It gives me anxiety 🙂
      Mini Me’s teacher has been a teacher a while. Evidently she had her eye on him last year and was ecstatic when she got assigned to him this year. Thren she either realized what a dork he was or he probably got onto her for talking too much. 🙂

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