Pinterest Wins Again 2: Electric Boogaloo

Watch out. I’m about to get all Martha Stewart on your ass.

I’ve pinned a lot of shit on Pinterest. Mainly recipes and DIY type stuff and honestly, I haven’t done or made half of them…but this is the best thing I’ve discovered since booze. (Obviously I did not discover booze. I discovered that I like booze. A lot.) So I had to share because:

1. It’s the niftiest idea ever and I can’t believe I never thought of it.

2. I took a cute little picture and didn’t feel like Instagramming it.

3. I wanted to blog and it was either this or a rant about how much I can’t stand headbands on babies (which is probably still forthcoming).

4.  I love smoothies.

5. I have a horrible habit of buying all sorts of produce and it going to waste because I never used it.

You take all your fucking produce, blend it up in a huge batch and freeze it in muffin tins. Pre-made smoothies. BAM! Your mind is blown, right?! Now, when I want a smoothie, all I do is throw two frozen cups in the blender with whatever liquid I choose. I can even do it holding the baby in one arm. Except she’s terrified of the blender, so I try not to do that too often. I made coffee ones this morning that taste like a Frappuccino.
You can find the instructions and recipes here. Or just come up with your own. You could, in fact, use booze. Pre-made daiquiris! I’m a genius.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Wins Again 2: Electric Boogaloo

    • It had me instantly. lol. I find myself saying “Holy crap! How come I never thought of that!” every single time I’m on there. People must have a lot of time on their hands to come up with some of this stuff.
      Ugh. Baby headbands. Don’t get me started. 🙂

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