Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

*I don’t usually take part in the Post A Day challenges, but this one called to me. Being that I’m the mom of an infant, there’s not a lot that I can say is purely “mine” anymore. It’s the rare day that I can take a shower or even go to the bathroom without an audience.

It’s somewhere between 4:15am and 5:00am. The baby has just gone back down after her early morning feeding and the house is asleep. This is my time. The house can be quiet during the day, but it seems as though the house is quieter at this time of the morning. It lacks the background noise of household chores and children’s music. The only sounds are the coffee maker in the kitchen, my bare feet on the faux wood floor, and the occasional snore from a random child or my husband.

My mind is clear. I refuse to check my email or worry about the dishes now. I blog, edit some photos, and watch the sky lighten over the city from my bedroom or living room window. I can do whatever I want without interruption and this time is precious to me.

Yes, I’m a little sleepy. Yes, I could lay back in the bed for about an hour before I have to get the older kids up for school. I could do that (and some mornings I do), or I could spend a little time with myself – for myself. I know I’ll be happier and my day will run smoother because of it.


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