The Magic of a Moment

Mini Me is a creative soul. Some of her favorite things to do are draw, write, and blabber on about nonsense that no one understands but her. We all just kind of nod and smile, because she’s got some insane things going on in that head of hers. Just like her mama.

At the beginning of the school year she brought home a flyer advertising an art show/contest that she desperately (at the time) wanted to take part in. I thought it was a wonderful idea, but didn’t hear anything else about it until last Monday when she brought home the entry paperwork. She needs to create a piece of art – written, drawn, painted, sung, or danced – that fits the theme and then answer a million questions about why she did what she did and what her thoughts were behind the piece. I’ll probably be helping her with that. I’ll need to. This year’s theme?

The Magic of a Moment

Seriously, Clark County School District? I realize that middle and high schoolers are entering this as well, so this theme is no problem for them. We also, as adults, understand the deeper meaning behind this theme and what they are looking for.
My daughter wants to draw a picture of a fucking magician. A magician with a rabbit coming out of a hat.
What? That’s not what they want, you say? Well there’s magic in the title. That means that this whole project is about magicians, doesn’t it?

I tried to explain to her. I really did. I told her that it wasn’t what they were looking for.
So she wanted to do a picture of a wizard.
Still not quite there…but interesting! So, I told her the first magical moment that came to my mind. It involved Christmas. I tried to put it into a way that she would get. I tried to get her to think a little deeper. To grab at the recesses of her mind and come up with something more filled with emotion than a man in a cape and tuxedo doing magic.
She decided to do a piece about Christmas morning and seeing all the presents. Because I had just talked about Christmas. Christmas is fucking magical, you guys…but I didn’t want her to copy me. And I certainly didn’t want her to look like a greedy little brat who is only moved by a shitload of toys being given to her.
I said that she was close, but maybe she should think a little more on it. That she didn’t have to come up with an idea right at that time.
So, she came back a minute later and said that seeing a bag full of candy on Halloween was magical.

And I fucking gave up. Then laughed my ass off in my head when Mike was asking her about it at the dinner table and she explained that she was going to do a picture of a magician. Evidently we were back to that again.

I’ve since let it go. She’s ten and her thoughts run about as deep as the baby’s bathtub water.
I’m sure it will be a lovely picture of a magician.


4 thoughts on “The Magic of a Moment

    • I have to agree. Come to find out – it’s only school wide, not county wide. How exactly do they expect young elementary school kids to do anything with that theme? I have a feeling there will be lots of magicians. lol

    • Hahahahaha. You are so right. Looking at it through the eyes of a 10 year old made me a little more understanding. The only night of the year where you can be anything you want and get loads of candy without begging for it AND you’re expected to eat it IS magical.

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