What did I volunteer for?

Today could not have been a better day for this post. The Fall Festival is tomorrow and I hope to be in full on baking mode shortly. If the baby cooperates.
I really was comtemplating putting my website on the labels that I’m putting on my baked goods. When I saw that Excitement on the Side had started a new blog, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask her about it. She brought up some great points. Maybe I don’t want the moms of Mini-Me’s friends – current and potential – to judge me by what I say in my blog. Plus, that limits the amount of shit talking I could possibly do, right?
Thanks so much to One of Those Women for featuring my question and my blog! If you have not had the pleasure of reading her work, I suggest you hurry on over there and meet my mom crush. She’s the epitomy of awesome.

One of Those Women

I’m not one of those women that tells everyone that I blog. I link to my posts on my personal Facebook page and about a year ago I stopped hiding those posts from anyone. But I don’t tell people when I meet them that I am a “blogger.”

I’m also not one of those women that volunteers for everything at my daughter’s school. I can feel myself being pulled in that direction but I am using “the baby” as a perfectly good reason to not overextend myself.

This question from Amanda at Southern Fried in Las Vegas was right on time!

Hello there!I’ve volunteered to make some items for the cake walk for my daughter’s fall festival at her school. Being the Pinterest-y crafter that I am these days, I was thinking of making some cute little labels for the goods – telling what it is, listing allergens like…

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