Haiku Friday: Halloween Edition

Happy Friday!
Yes, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve graced you with the pure awesomeness of my Friday haikus. That’s the problem with me…I get working on an idea or a project, then lose steam and become disinterested. However, I was feeling creative this morning and I decided to squeeze in one more Halloween craft before the big day. Other than the kids’ costumes, of course. I’m still working on getting those put together. Rather than purchasing stupid plastic-like costumes from the store this year, we’re piecing stuff together from the thrift store. We’re bringing it back old school and it’s going to kick ass, you guys. I’m so excited!


9 thoughts on “Haiku Friday: Halloween Edition

  1. We are also making costumes! My seven year old is not stoked. I hauled out my costume trunk and told her that this year I would let her rummage around in there. I tried to convince her that my nun costume is in fact very scary. She’s not buying it just yet.

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