Let’s Just Call It a To-Do List

I hate resolutions. I think the whole idea of them is stupid. Ok, maybe not the WHOLE idea…but the act of everyone making them at the beginning of the year, just to break them and go on with the existence that they didn’t like in the first place, is stupid. I like the idea of making yearly goals. And to-do lists? I’m all over those.
Lists are one of my favorite things. It’s the OCD in me. It’s also the mom-of-three-who-can’t-remember-what-fucking-day-it-is-much-less-what-I-need-to-get-done-during-said-day-or-what-to-get-from-the-store in me. Lists are my friends. I leave them all over the house. I feel so accomplished when everything I put on my to-do list gets a nice straight line through it. (Stop judging. Yes, I’m like this all the time.) Lately, not all things get done, but there is still satisfaction in saying, “I wanted to do that today, and LOOK! I did it!”. Evidently, my inner self is five and looking for some sort of prize or something…but we’ll address that in another blog, I think.

Anyhoo, I realized while sitting at the kitchen table this morning at 5:30, that I had not yet made my To-Do List for 2013. In fact, I can probably guarantee that “make yearly goal list” is sitting uncrossed on a list somewhere in this house. I  started to jot down some things that I would like to do this year. Where it is, I’m not positive, but to hold myself accountable I decided to share some of them with my readers. It’s an online list! Maybe I’ll come back here and cross them off when they’re done!

I feel like taking care of myself took a hiatus in 2012. Between the pregnancy and becoming a stay-at-home mom, showering and getting dressed for the day taking care of myself and my relationship with my husband kind of took a back seat. 2013 is going to be my year.
Here’s a few things others should see me doing in the coming months:

  1. Eat healthier.
    In 2011, I stopped eating gluten, grains, dairy, and processed foods. I had never felt better. Then, I got morning sickness and started craving bread like crazy. Time to go back to just eating meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. And beer. And wine. This girl can’t get rid of all her vices, you know.
  2. Exercise more.
    I used to exercise every day. Now that Gummy is old enough to go to the day care at the gym, I’ll be going during the day while everyone else is out of the house. Hopefully, it will also help with Gummy’s separation anxiety, too. Win-win.
    I also want to go back to practicing yoga. My goal is to get up early in the morning to get a session in when the house is quiet. I got up at 5:10 this morning, then laid in bed looking at Instagram and Facebook on my phone. Tomorrow I’ll shoot for actually getting out of the bed and getting my ass on a mat.
  3. Do a head stand.
    Yes, that’s on my list. Yogis that can do a head stand rock my socks. I want to be able to do that. I used to take gymnastics when I was little and couldn’t do a head stand then, either. It may not happen this year, but I’m going to work towards it. Inner peace and balance, y’all. The best goal ever. We can only hope that maybe I’ll stop dropping things and falling over shit, too…
  4. Take a beginner’s photography course – either online or in a classroom setting. Completed! February 2013
    I admitted to Mike that I would be happiest just staying at home, raising the kids, and taking care of the house…but the independent woman in me wants to also contribute financially. I said I wanted to do something creative. He said that I should put some effort into my photography, because I get passionate just talking about it. He’s right. It makes me excited to go out and take photos and being at home is the perfect opportunity to learn more and develop my love into a craft.
  5. Begin (and keep up with) a 365 project.
    Obviously, since we’re already in the middle of January, I’m not going to finish a 365. That will happen next year. Duh.
    Keeping up with the project – shooting, editing, and posting a photo every day – is going to be a challenge, but seeing how far my skills have come and documenting even just the small things that happen in a year is going to be exciting. Plus, that means I won’t bombard you guys with photos all the time. Only sometimes.
  6. Make sure I get my “me time” every day.
    It can be all at once or in bits and pieces, but life is not about keeping the house clean. I was so much happier when I didn’t care if the bathrooms were spotless or the dishes were done. When I told myself that it was ok to just save it for the weekend. Or another day. The only thing I need to obsess over is making sure the floor is clean of debris for Gummy’s sake, since she’s crawling and getting into everything. Happy comes first. Unless company is coming…or ants. God, I hate ants.
  7. Write more.
    I have a goal to post at least once a week on here. It may only be interesting to me and I won’t get Freshly Pressed, but that’s ok. You guys are awesome and I’d like to keep you around.

I have other lists for the family, the house, and my relationship…but these are just for me. I was going to say 2013 is the year of the Chicken, but it’s the year of Happy.
I am challenging myself to be a happier person this year. Not just content, but outwardly happy, so that I share a little with others.

What are you challenging yourself to do in 2013?


10 thoughts on “Let’s Just Call It a To-Do List

  1. Hooray for lists! I loved my film photography course I took when I just had Doodle! I’d love to get a fancy DSLR one day and take me some super rad pictures! 🙂
    I pinned an “organize your house in 30 days” type thing, and I figure if it takes a normal person 30 days, I *should* be able to get it done by the end of the year. Other than keeping my family alive, fed, and in clean clothes, that’s the only goal I got for the year! 🙂

  2. These are good things for a Better Life List…great job! And I LOVE the headstand!!! I’m going to add this to a list of mine somewhere…I make lists too…and I make little checkboxes next the the thing on the list…I LOVE LISTS.

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