Cheap-Ass Housewife Tip #1: Your House Stinks

It does. It smells like
a) diapers b) dinner from last night c) dinner that’s on the stove now d) boy’s/men’s feet e) your animal f) that patchouli incense you still have from high school g) all of the above

Mine smells like at least one or two of those on a daily basis, so don’t lie. Yours does, too.
I love my house to smell GOOD. I love candles. I don’t do incense. I also have been known to have a few of those plug-in thingies scattered around. I like those. Set it and forget it for 30 days or, if you’re like me, set it and forget it forever.
I hate buying the replacement plug-ins. They’re expensive! They range anywhere from $4-$9, depending on which brand you use and I’d rather spend my money on something else. So, generally, my plug-ins sit around burning up an empty cartridge until I happen to see some replacements on clearance at Target. Until now. The other week while browsing Pinterest, I came across a pin that said I could refill plug-ins myself for way less money than the brand name replacements.

Cluster fuck of a mess, as are most Wal-Mart shelves. But, you got your little bottles, medium bottles, and large bottles. And some fairies if you need them.

Cluster fuck of a mess, as are most Wal-Mart shelves. But, you got your little bottles, medium bottles, and large bottles. And some fairies if you need them.

So, off I went to the land of all things discount to procure some scented oil. I honestly had absolutely no idea what I was looking for – the blog that explained these instructions didn’t really specify. I just went to the candle section, and low and behold, there were three shelves full of scented warming oil. I went for the big bottle.


If you’re feeling froggy, then you could pick up a sweet dragon warmer for your leftover oil. I don’t think it’s actually $3.


Sandalwood Vanilla Bean. My scent of choice. Coconut Lime was disgusting.





It was only $5 for the large bottle of oil, but you choose what is right for you. I estimate that I can get at least 4-5 refills from one large bottle. That’s like spending $1 for a refill, instead of $6. I’m a math genius!


Don't judge my tarnished knife. Move along.

Don’t judge my tarnished knife. Move along.

So, what you want to do is just gather up your supplies. It’s super simple. See my picture? Use your knife (not a sharp one, dumbass!) to pop the top off the oil cartridge. It’s not that easy. It takes some prying. Fill up the pot with oil, pop the top back on – the bottom of the styrofoam wick should be inside the oil. Voila! Your done. Plug that sucker in. It works. I promise.
As you can see, I had let my plug-in sit around just burning up. The top of the wick is all brown and hard. This happens when they’re empty. Don’t do that. When I refilled it, I had to crank that warmer all the way up to 5 to smell anything. I will probably buy a new refill to start over with. I kind of have to do this anyway.
You see…
I can tell you it works, because it does. I assure you. I tested it on my doorway plug-in to make sure before I told all of you to do this. But, I needed pictures for the blog, right? These photos are from the kid’s bathroom plug-in that I was refilling.

Here’s a tip: Don’t get too violent with the lid to your pot while trying to pry it off.

You may break the wick.

IMG_0077Don’t be a failure like me. Now I have to go out and buy new refills to start this project all over. No doubt there might be some on clearance at Target right this very minute.
You should try this out, though. Save the money. Make your house smell nice. Then use the money you saved to go buy a six-pack of craft beer or a decent drinkable bottle of wine and savor your nice smelling abode. But shut your eyes…the toys all over the floor and dishes in the sink will ruin everything.


4 thoughts on “Cheap-Ass Housewife Tip #1: Your House Stinks

  1. Love this, I’m kinda a hippie and use oils to clean my house like tea tree oil, I honestly never thought to do this.
    I always forget about my smelly things forever until I see some on clearance on Target… I actually look for them to be on clearance, when I remember to. I’ll be honest, my house smells sometimes, normally it’s dog or something that is in my garbage disposal that I didn’t know was in there so it didn’t get disposed of.
    (Oh btw, I saw you on freshly pressed, love the blog.)

    • I love using essential oils too! I’ve got a few natural cleaning posts in the works. To be honest, I decided that I would just rather buy the refills on clearance. But, I found a little tea light dish at the dollar store for the oil I bought and I really like the way it fills the house with scent a lot better than it worked in the plug ins.

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