Confession Time

I’ve been cheating on you guys.
I have found another place to hang out on the interwebz. It wasn’t you. I promise. It was me. I didn’t feel like writing, then I stopped reading your blogs, then I fell out of the loop, then I felt like an outsider, then…my awesome husband told me to sign up for an online photography course.

I joined Clickin’ Moms and took their 3 week First Steps with a DSLR course. It was amazing. It took up all my time and I was engrossed with learning and taking photos for 3 straight weeks. Today, while I was browsing the forums looking for more info and trying to figure out how to make friends on the site, I realized that I miss you guys. I got to mark one thing off my 2013 To-Do List , which is amazing, but I miss the friendships that I made on WordPress. I don’t want to cheat on you anymore and leave you high and dry wondering, “Whatever happened to that Chicken in Vegas lady?”.
I forgot for a minute that not all of you follow me on Instagram or like my blog’s Facebook page or are even my personal friend on Facebook (which is totally welcomed!). I have to keep up on here, too. Most of us were pregnant together. That creates a bond that really can’t be broken. And our babies are about to be one! How did that shit happen?! I don’t want to miss those 1 year blogs that are about to start flooding my reader any week/month now! I’m also going to need followers when I start my 365 photography blog soon. I know…I tell you I tried to make new friends and then I ask you for something. Typical.

Anyway – (assuming you’ve forgiven me and we can move on) I promise to devote just as much time to catching up on your blogs/lives as I put into my new passion. I’m more of a photographer than a writer and I have no idea where this blog is going, but it’s not going to disappear. I love you too much.
I’m sorry. It’s the first day of my period. I’m emotional. I’m also sick as a dog and so is baby. She’s on the tail end of this cold, but she’s still so congested. Just to give you an idea of my emotional state – I was clearing out her nose today, which she loathes, so she was flailing and crying and swatting at the aspirator. Meanwhile, I feel like poop and can barely hold her still. Then, my nose starts to run. She’s snotting all over the place, I’ve got snot hanging from my nose, she’s crying, and then I start bawling. It was a snotty, wet mess. I hated life at that moment. And colds. And periods. And bright sunny days. And bunnies.

I wish we could all sit down to coffee and chit-chat. I’d spread my germs on you and tell you:

Little Man has his first girlfriend. They’re a cute little couple, but I heard her call him “babe” the other day and wanted to knock her head right off her neck. I’m now in the world of – “yes, you can do homework in your room but that door stays open”. It’s scary, y’all. We bought face wash yesterday and he asked me to buy him vitamins and he wants to start going to the gym. What. The. Fuck. Oh, and he called his sister a C U Next Tuesday the other day. Shit flew over that one. And he wants to get his ears pierced. Which, honestly I don’t mind. I got my tongue pierced at 15, so I know it could be worse. I felt so old when I told him that he could do it, but plugs were not allowed. The mom covered in tattoos tells her son he can’t have plugs in his ears because his ear lobes will never recover. Craziness.

Mini Me is still Mini Me. Except she’s got a raging attitude that makes me want to pop her in the mouth half the time. If this is what 10 is like, then I can’t fucking wait for 13. She’s still in Girl Scouts and is finally making friends, which I’m super excited about. We’re in the middle of cookie season, which isn’t so bad this year. I’m not really putting forth all my effort, though. I have given no more thought to becoming a troop leader. I’ll just let it be for now. At the end of June, we’re taking an overnight trip to San Diego and the troop gets to spend the night at Sea World. Inside the park. Then spend the next day exploring. How awesome is that?!

Mike and I are good. I think we’re still in that lull that most couples experience after the birth of a child. We’re trying to get back to doing the things we did as a couple before the baby, but it’s slow going. Lack of quality alone time is a big issue. In a few weeks we’re actually having our first whole night alone – no baby. All the kids are going to Grandma’s and we have a wedding of some old friends of mine to attend. Hopefully it will be a good time.

Gummy is the cutest thing ever. Most of the time. She’s nine months now and has been pulling herself up to stand for  a while, but she’s just starting to try to cruise. I thought for sure she’d be an early walker, but maybe not. She’s feeding herself bits of food and using a sippie and FINALLY cut her bottom two teeth. In fact, her first upper tooth broke through last week. She claps and recognizes words. She’s such a big girl now. It’s really hard to believe that she’s going to be a year old soon. We’re still working on sleeping in her crib at night without waking up – teething and her being sick really hasn’t helped. We were making progress until all this started, but that’s usually the way it goes anyway. She takes awesome morning naps now, which allows me to get some time to myself. I’ve taken a monthly photo of her since birth and I can’t wait to get to the 12 month and show you the outtakes. She is just a hilarious kid. And stubborn. She’s going to give her daddy and I a run for our money, that’s for sure.

So, there will be more. There will always more to share. Even when I think there isn’t, there is. I just need to gather inspiration. I hope you guys will stick around. I’m not much on Twitter anymore, but come be my friend on Facebook!

Coming up on the blog:

Mommy and Daddy’s first night without baby (can’t wait to see how that turns out – it always seems like something comes up when we’re supposed to have alone time)

More Ho to Housewife tips. I’ve got three of them in the works. And maybe even a giveaway or two – who doesn’t like gifts or getting snail mail from a blogger friend?

A 365 photography project. If you’re not familiar with those – basically you take a picture and post a blog every day for a year. That’s lots of work, but lots of practice. I hope you’ll join me on my journey in manual mode. I’ll keep you updated on when that will begin.


5 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. I totally forgive you. I have MISSED you…but that isn’t entirely YOUR fault. You know, because our little ones are two days apart in age and they do things that get in the way of blogging too. You know, like everything Baby L does seems to get in the way of my blogging. Even though, I really started my blog to write about HER. Either way, I totally get it. And I am glad you’re back lady!

    • The taking care of the wee one does get in the way of blogging, but to be honest, I just don’t know where to go with this thing anymore. I got inspired the other day, though, so here’s to hoping I can stick with it!

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