Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

I live in Henderson, NV in a section called Green Valley. My neighborhood has been voted the country’s second safest city, greenest city, city with most parks, best city for walkers (of the non-Walking Dead variety), and blah blah blah by several different magazines and organizations. I like being up away from all the neon and debauchery – I’d rather look at it from afar than be in the middle of it nowadays. Flavor Flav agrees with me. He lives here, too.
I’ve taken a lot of walks since the baby was born. Sometimes I’ll walk several times a week – always taking the same paths or routes that I’m accustomed to. The other day I came out of my community and, on a whim, walked in a different direction just to see what I could see.


Spring has sprung in the Las Vegas Valley. In fact, this week with temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees, it feels like we’ve skipped Spring all together. Pool season has arrived.


Desert trees, sunlight, and a view of the valley in the background.


I feel incredibly lucky to be able to have unobstructed views of the valley. With never-ending construction and builders trying to fill up every single inch of available space, views like this will no longer be the norm. Had I been an hour later on my walk, I would have captured a gorgeous sunset – one of my favorite things about living in the desert.


Walking home. I live in an area filled with walking/running paths. This section is in a dirt lot and is still under construction – the real path begins in the bank of trees just ahead. One day this area will probably be a strip mall.


The Catholic church around the corner from my home. On quiet mornings I can hear the bells ringing in my living room.


They are building a park across the street. In the distance is the Las Vegas Strip. Not everything that happens in the valley happens there.


Beautiful, ugly, noisy, quiet, bustling, dead still – everything and nothing contained in a circle of mountains – this city is the yin and the yang.
On any given day, so is my little corner of it. Most people will say they love it and hate it here. I tend to agree.


Have you walked outside your door one day in a different direction than normal? Did you find something interesting?


93 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. When I lived in our funky old neighborhood in Athens and walked, it never failed to amaze me that the same route walked in a different direction looked like a different land…colors, architecture, blooms….I love those days when everything seems extra clear and vibrant!

    • Me too! Not only walking in a different direction, but walking as opposed to driving. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven along most of the route that I walked…I just noticed so many more things.

  2. Love this. Your neighborhood is breathtaking and I am more than a little jealous of you! I am in the process of writing a post about the day C and I went down a different street on our daily walk.

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  4. Nice post and awesome photos of the area where you live.

    It is nice that the magazines etc got it right calling your town the best for walking and whatever, it amazes me sometimes the town they have on the top-100 places to live list. Several times there were towns / cities listed that I would not dare to go into after dark… it makes me wonder what the criteria is…


  5. The best neighborhood I ever lived in was on a long dead end road. The homes were on acre sized lots, and sat far apart. There were only two ways to walk, left or right. It didn’t matter because there were hills, turns, and twists along the way. True, the location variety didn’t exist there, but the habitat variety made for interesting walking. The neighborhood was a former cow pasture built in a savannah of old Oak trees. I wish I had stayed there forever.
    Your post is most thought provoking and I loved it.

    • It is a safe place. It’s so strange that a city (because it’s technically a different city than Las Vegas) that was ranked one of the safest in the nation is directly next to one of the top ranked dangerous cities.
      I grew up in the outskirts of Atlanta. I like the peacefulnes of living outside of the city, but still having access to it. Thank you for your comment!

  6. It brought memories of my childhood neighbourhood. We had an open field in front of our home and now there is a 7 story apartment. It never remains the same. Loved your post. And congrats on being freshly pressed 🙂

    • Thank you! And thank you for reading!
      You’re right – it never does stay the same. What’s sad about Las Vegas (and sometimes the surrounding areas) is the need for everything to be new and exciting…they will literally tear down old, historic places and not so old places, just to build something else.

  7. This place looks so different from anyplace I’ve ever lived. I grew up in California, but aside from trips into the Sierra Nevada on the border I never did get to go to Nevada. Really interesting photos, thanks for posting.

  8. Nature is more beautiful than cement structures. Your neighbourhood is amazing, wish I could live there. And nice pics.

  9. its really interesting to see your neighbourhood its so much different from mine! I may take some inspiration from this post if you don’t mind and go scouting around my neighbourhood! not that theres much to see! haha

  10. This is a great blog!! i love taking photos! Unfortunatly my camera was soaked with JUICE ,(thank you to my son) so i have to get it repaired, but i use my iphone a majority of the time. I just shot some really cute pics at the park check them out when you have a chance they are on my page.

  11. awesome post! i live in green valley too- my whole life. its one of my favorite places ever! even after traveling everywhere- i always enjoy coming home the very best.
    xo- sincerely, whitney

  12. Hey! Visited the US last year from Down Under for the first time and loved it! Spent 6 days in Vegas and wish we had ventured away from the Strip to understand the true nature of the city. Thank you for sharing because now when we go back, we’ll definitely see more of the city.

    • I wish more tourists would venture off the Strip to find other things to see. There is so much. Seek out a local (even if it’s your concierge at the hotel) and ask them what THEY like to do around the valley. You’ll see some interesting and beautiful things!

  13. Love this area of town. My Dad lives off Green Valley. I love the quietness of it and the view and the dry air. I could sit on his back porch for hours. Living in the humid south now, I relish in the dryness. Love the pics of the trees, very pretty!

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  15. I love these!! It is amazing the quality of photo you can take with a phone these days, isn’t it? Of course, you still have to have an eye for it, which you do. The composition is both interesting and impeccable 🙂

    • I appreciate your compliments! I’m just starting on my photography journey, so to have a post with my pictures be FP’d, looked at by so many, and them comment on how much they like my work is a great feeling. Thanks for reading!

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