Being Freshly Pressed: “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

I don’t have manners. I know what manners are, but I don’t follow the rules. This is why I am just now getting around to my “Freshly Pressed Thank You”. I’ve seen all of you do it – it’s like the Oscar speech of WordPress.
Not that this is not a big deal, because seriously…this was a HUGE deal. I had literally thought to myself  just a few days earlier that I was the kind of blogger that wouldn’t get the honor of a Fresh Pressing (that sounds weird to me – like I am a shirt that got ironed).  That week was off to a rockin’ good start with Mini Me waking me up early Monday morning telling me she had puked all over the bathroom, me hitting me head on the refrigerator door handle, and not having any coffee in the house. Then Thursday, as I was lugging around a 20 pound sack of whine on one hip and a full laundry basket on the other, I got an email from WordPress. My heart skipped a beat. I screamed. I emailed my husband. Little ol’ me? Getting FP’d??!! I responded to the email with a:

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Really. This is what I said. At least I wasn’t verbose about it, I guess.

So, thank you to all the people who have looked at my blog since over a week ago. Thank you to all the people who have clicked that Follow button and decided to stick around for a bit. I more than doubled my followers, which is amazing to me. I hope I keep you interested. I’m still working my way down that list, reading all of your blogs, looking for more blogs to read in my spare time. Thank you most of all to the people (photographers even!) who left comments not only about the blog, but about the pictures themselves. I’m just starting on my photography journey, so to have strangers tell me they love what I did…there really isn’t a better feeling. I’m trying to post more often, but I promise I’ve probably got a bit of something for everyone in the archives if you go take a look at my tag cloud. Depending how far back you go, there may be boobies involved…before I started taking pictures of everything, thank goodness.

**I did just post recently about a recent day trip my family took, FYI. Check it out.

Hugs and kisses to you all. You know how to make a girl feel pretty awesome.


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