TMI Friday: That’s Not A Cat Toy

We have a new segment, because what good is a Friday if you can’t get drunk and tell people shit that you probably shouldn’t?!
Except I am sharing this stuff with you completely sober! Yay!

*     *     *     *

I’ll admit it. I pretty much let my kid have the run of the house. As long as it is not going to impale her, poison her, or electrocute her she can play with it. Call it Montessori style learning, laziness, or what have you – I just don’t think it’s a big deal. Play with the spatula – it’s cool! Pull out all the Tupperware and throw it all over the house – have at it!

Then, she learned how to open the drawers of my nightstand and now plays with a Tickle & Whip. (exactly what you think  it is)

You see, I used to be a distributor of “bedroom accessories”. That is obviously a nice way to say that I sold sex toys and other sex related items. This T&W was one of my props. I kept it just in case I ever felt like using it on someone. I never did. The whip part ended up falling off without me even using it and I was left with a little wand with a feather on it. It was in my semi-private drawer and no matter what I did, baby would end up finding the damn thing and carrying it around the house. So, I just let her have it. I honestly didn’t give it another thought until my sister saw it and asked if it was a cat toy.

 (insert pussy joke of your choosing here)

We’re just going to say it’s a fairy wand.



15 thoughts on “TMI Friday: That’s Not A Cat Toy

    • Hahahahahaha. The baby also got a bottle of lube that she decided was a perfect chew toy. Mike wanted me to take it away, but all I could think was, “Eh, it’s water based. It won’t hurt her”. It’s not like we had company 🙂

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