TMI Friday: Trash Is Yummy

I really planned on having some posts between Fridays, but you know how life happens.

Baby has developed a fascination with the trash. Putting random objects in the trash can has become her favorite. The trash can is too big to fit under the kitchen sink, so I’ve done my best to not let it get too full and to try to keep her attention elsewhere. I was slacking Wednesday morning.

Baby girl decided it would be a good idea to reach her hand into the trash, grab a handful of used coffee grinds, and eat it.
Let’s just say we had to push the morning nap back a bit. Not has much as I thought…but a little.

She was really happy while she played with my underwear on her head.

* * * *

I realize that this is just run-of-the-mill baby happenings and might not count as TMI, but it’s all I’ve got right this second since the little princess just grabbed my water bottle and poured it on my lap.
Is it Sunday yet? Mother’s Day means I get a break, right?



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