The Neverending Story 5: Middle School Graduation Night

Imagine with me, if you will, a gymnasium filled with bored children. A gymnasium filled with grown men, looking like little boys with their heads smushed in their hands, looking at their phones or at their wives, wondering when they were going to be fed dinner. Moms, either poised with cameras ready or walking in and out with the antsy young ones who need to run around.
This was my son’s 8th grade graduation ceremony last night.

I spent most of it holding the baby. Trying to keep the baby from smacking the man in front of me or yelling in his ear. Trying to keep her from kicking him in the back. Then, we went to the top of the bleachers so she could walk around and I tried to keep her from pulling people’s hair, grabbing the bitchy lady’s iPhone and extra camera lens, spilling her entire bag of Cheerios, and banging her sippie on the wood to see how loud she could be. She got a kick out of clapping, though…and a few people thought she was cute…but loud. I eventually ended up outside with the other parents who have “active children”. We walked around, took some pictures, and I let her roam – in her socks. She’s a full walker, except when she is wearing shoes. She hates them, but so do I, so I can’t blame her. Outside, we got play and miss the million and a half awards being given out before they even let the kids go up to get their fake diplomas. I have never been to a graduation with so many awards being given. It made me feel like maybe my kid is an underachiever (he is a little). He got his roll of paper with a ribbon on it, we congratulated him, and I fought the urge to cry. Then we went and stuffed our faces with pizza before we died from starvation and boredom.

What really disturbed me about the evening, though, was this:


Girls in 4 1/2 – 6″ heels, low-cut dresses, dresses that barely covered their ass, and dresses with sequins and shit. Seriously. These girls looked like they were ready to go to a fucking club on the Strip and all I could do was stare and wonder where their parents were. It’s the adults’ fault – all of us.
Why do we allow the sexualization of such young girls?
Mini Me is going to get a real dose of reality if she thinks I will ever let her dress like that, especially at 13. Looks like we’ll be focusing on teaching modesty and self-respect around here for the next few years. And the fine art of accentuating your features with makeup, because holy shit, you guys…there are some scary-ass raccoon eyes going on out there.

We are dealing with so many milestones around here, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.


* A little aside about this title. I really wasn’t sure how many Neverending Story movies there were, so I Googled it. Turns out, it’s the Fast & Furious of children’s fantasy. Did you know Jack Black was in #4? Weird.

** Want to start teaching your young girl about the awesomeness of being strong and confident – no matter what her age? I suggest A Mighty Girl. You can also follow them on Facebook.


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