Afternoon Nap {9/365}

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

It’s been a lazy Sunday and Ayden fell asleep later than usual while we all relaxed in the bed and watched Elmo in Grouchland.
I love taking pictures of the baby while she sleeps. I took part in a workshop a few months ago. During a critique, the teacher told me that I take a beautiful portrait – but the wrinkles in my pillows took away from the photo.

This was a mom of 3 that told me this. I don’t have the time, energy, or desire for that matter, to remove wrinkles from my bedding before a shoot or to try to remove them later in post processing. My bed is the most lived in part of my home other than the kitchen table and those wrinkles are reminders of that.
Yet I still feel self-conscious every single time I take a photo on the bed. That comment rings in my ears and I feel bad that my bed isn’t perfectly straightened. I ignore it and take the photos anyway.

There will always be people who would rather see my photo with the bed wrinkle free. There will always be people who judge us based on how perfect our outward appearance is – in photos and in life. Whether we choose to pay attention or to ignore them and love our own personal style is up to us. I believe it’s the imperfections in life that are sometimes the most beautiful.
So I took a picture of the whole bed – messed up pillows and all – because I’ll do things my way, thank you very much.


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