Local Woman Snaps During Weekend Outing

Saturday afternoon, in an effort to preserve her individuality, a local mother took to the streets of Las Vegas’ Arts District. Armed with only a camera, some water, and thirst to see something interesting, she wandered aimlessly for several hours in the 113 degree temperatures.

The day after a monthly outdoor art festival, the hot empty streets were a stark contrast to the liveliness of the previous night. She was able to explore uninterrupted and develop a new-found love for an area of town that she rarely gets to visit.
When asked why she chose to take an urban walk along Civic Center, South of Charleston Boulevard and the surrounding area, she said simply, “I didn’t really think about it. I needed to get out and it seemed like an excellent place to take some photos. I love this area and hope to be here more in the coming months”.

This local photographer is said to have a project brewing that she is interested in bringing Downtown. Sources say that this outing was more about finding a siteĀ than for taking random photographs. They were unable to give details about the project, stating that it is a work in progress, but that it will be an exciting addition to the Las Vegas Arts District, its street art, and the monthly First Friday event.


7 thoughts on “Local Woman Snaps During Weekend Outing

  1. Reblogged this on Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas and commented:
    Hey! I tried something new over on the photography blog today and followed the Daily Prompt! I wrote about my little excursion out of the house over the weekend. Sort of.
    I know I’ve been missing, but I promise you a real post this week. Maybe two!
    Until then, I post a little something every day on my other blog. If your into pictures and shit you should take a peek.

  2. Amanda,
    I love this. I have been working on a post about street art in Montreal, with interviews with a few artists… This hits the spot.
    Le Clown

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