Summer vacation started roughly 20 days ago and it’s been a bit of a blur. A loud, obnoxious blur that is already driving me halfway insane.

I just had to check out my Home page to remind myself what I wrote about last on this blog. I’ve been completely ignoring Southern Fried, yet I’ve still managed to recently pass 500 followers (Hi spammers!!), which to me is kind of amazing…since I started out with 10 or something ridiculous. I probably should have written a blog about it and celebrated with some sort of awesome giveaway. I fucked that one up.
So, let’s catch up, shall we? Then maybe I’ll be inspired to write something of substance soon.

When I left off, Little Man had just graduated from middle school and I had a sweet afternoon out taking some pictures of a little street art. This is everything else:

  • We started summer by taking a road trip to Salt Lake City for Mike’s grandfather’s funeral. It was a spur of the moment trip that was less relaxing than we wanted it to be. Obligations mixed with trying to pack in as much time with family as possible, while still trying to do a few things we wanted to do made for a little stress. I had a little emotional breakdown in the mountains. Gummy is just in love with Mike’s parents. It was adorable to see, but makes me sad that they don’t get to see her often enough.
  • Little Man has a new girlfriend. She has pink hair. It’s cute. He’ll be turning 14 in August and all he wants for his birthday are his ears pierced. At least, that’s all he’s asked for so far. He got his phone wet, so in order to help him keep in touch with his friends until he gets a new one, I introduced him to the wonderful world of Facebook. Why? Why did I do that?
  • Mini Me is a typical tween – loud, hyper, attention-grabbing, moody, pouty, and dramatic…all at once.
  • The baby has been walking since before her birthday. She’s practically running now and has started climbing and standing on top of objects (like binders and boxes) that aren’t very high off the ground, then tries to get down.

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