Happy Belated {39/365}

It was my birthday yesterday and I didn’t pick up my camera once. I skipped my 365. My husband says that makes me a cheater.
So today, because it was the first day of my new year and I have yet to take a picture with me in it this week, I took a self-portrait.

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

This is 34.
This is staying home with a toddler. This is my awful habit of not brushing my hair. This is not wearing makeup and letting my bra strap hang out. This is me and I will own it.

Those wrinkles around my eyes are the result of everything that has made me smile. Ever. The creases in my neck are exactly like the ones my father’s mom had. She was beautiful.

Here’s to another year. One of love, wisdom, and laugh lines.


3 thoughts on “Happy Belated {39/365}

  1. This is also loved, sexy, beautiful, experienced, wise and caring. You have earned every year behind your wonderful self, never speak negative about your hair being a mess or without makeuo, you kill it EVERY single day. Besides, you don’t need makeup.

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