Farewell {2/52}

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

Our time with Adam set on Thursday night. He left for Utah on Friday morning and since then the house has been a little more quiet – less kids hanging out in our bed and more off in the private haven of their bedrooms. There has also been substantially less Monopoly being played.

I hate the feeling that comes at the end of summer when you feel like your time is up and you didn’t quite do everything (or anything) that you had planned. I get that feeling when Adam leaves. His going home lends a finality to the season – I know that back-to-school shopping and prepping is just around the corner and there is a sadness that creeps in. Because summer is over, because we didn’t do as many fun things as we should have, and because we’re one family member short.

I hope next year will be different.


8 thoughts on “Farewell {2/52}

  1. That is a really great photo Amanda. I love the contrast of silohuette against color. I miss him already though, too – your words catch in my mind. I feel, even though the house is full and bursting, one child short. Alex, I get, he is a grown man and should be out, but Adam feels like he is part of our routine, and he is missing. You caught the moment with photo and words, PERFECTLY.

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