Capture Downtown! : A Post on Standing Out

“I don’t think I stand out. At least, I try not to.”, says the woman with Southern Belle tattooed across her chest.

Let’s just say I stand out unintentionally.
The decisions I make are not based on how much attention or recognition I could receive. This is not because I am trying to stay out of the limelight…I just don’t know how to react or what to say when I’m in it…and I wonder why I am standing out in the first place.

I recently, on a whim, entered a photo contest sponsored by the city of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Symphony Park, and others. I saw the ad and just a few days before the deadline I submitted three of my images. The theme? Capture Downtown. And why not? I had photos that I had recently shot while walking around one Saturday afternoon.
I went in with no hopes, because the last contest I entered ended with me getting an invitation to a gallery showing of the people who actually won. I didn’t go. Sometimes rejection is just as hard for me as winning.

Tonight, I sent in my RSVP to go to the gallery showing of the winners of the Capture Downtown! Contest. It is there that I will pick up my prize. Out of over 200 photographs in a total of three categories, one of my photos was chosen. It was chosen for an honorable mention (which my husband politely explained to me is 4th place) in the amateur category. That same photograph was chosen to be one of fifteen in the Reader’s Choice part of the contest, posted on the Review-Journal website. My image, along with the other Reader’s Choice candidates and the category winners, will be displayed on the canopy of the Freemont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. September 25, I will attend what will hopefully be the first of many gallery showings – ones that will showcase my work and ones that won’t, because I should relish my own wins as well as those of others. I will schmooze within a circle that I want so badly to be part of, but am scared of at the same time. There is always that part of me that doesn’t want to stand out and doesn’t want to take chances. The part of me that is so proud for making this small accomplishment, but also wants to win the whole damn thing.

So I am asking, you, readers to help me by placing a vote. Follow the link below to my image and cast your vote for me, please. You do have to register at the site, because they only allow one vote per person. Use that email you reserve for spam. I know you have one. It will only take a moment of your time. I’m in 4th place and way behind 1st! By 34 votes! I have over 500 “followers”. I think 10% of you can do this for me, can’t you? Pretty please?

Help me learn to stand out.

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

All images © 2013 Amanda Hildebrand

Click the picture or VOTE HERE

*This post was actually started days ago as part of the Daily Post on being a Standout, but I literally fell asleep while writing it. It may be days late, but at least I finished.


3 thoughts on “Capture Downtown! : A Post on Standing Out

  1. Out if context I came off kind of douchey about the fourth place comment. In context it was more like, “Holy shit! 4th place in your category? That is amazing”.
    See, since I met Amanda, I’ve always known she is the most creative, amazing and unassuming woman I had ever met. She didn’t see it, until recently. With photography she has found a confidence and passion that she never knew existed, yet, we that lived her always knew was there.
    She has come into her own, and is now seeing how amazeballs she is.

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