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Sleepovers: Middle School Edition

There is always one friend in a group that hosts the majority of the sleepovers. For us, that was Melanie. In all honesty, I was staying over at her house (or passing out in her car on one of the side streets in her neighborhood) most weekends up until I graduated high school – but … Continue reading

TMI Friday: Trash Is Yummy

I really planned on having some posts between Fridays, but you know how life happens. Baby has developed a fascination with the trash. Putting random objects in the trash can has become her favorite. The trash can is too big to fit under the kitchen sink, so I’ve done my best to not let it … Continue reading

TMI Friday: That’s Not A Cat Toy

TMI Friday: That’s Not A Cat Toy

We have a new segment, because what good is a Friday if you can’t get drunk and tell people shit that you probably shouldn’t?! Except I am sharing this stuff with you completely sober! Yay! *     *     *     * I’ll admit it. I pretty much let my kid have … Continue reading

Confession Time

I’ve been cheating on you guys. I have found another place to hang out on the interwebz. It wasn’t you. I promise. It was me. I didn’t feel like writing, then I stopped reading your blogs, then I fell out of the loop, then I felt like an outsider, then…my awesome husband told me to … Continue reading

Adventures In Co-sleeping

Last night started out like any other. Gummy wouldn’t sleep in her crib. She woke up less than 30 minutes after I had laid her down. I fought to try to keep her there, but not very hard. After a few attempts at comforting her back to sleep, I picked her up and placed her in our … Continue reading

Ferberize THIS

I have a 7 month old that won’t sleep. Scratch that. I have a child that will not go to sleep without her pacifier, who wants to play in her crib instead of nap in it, and sleeps – only if I’m holding her or laying next to her in my bed. If I hold her to … Continue reading

Trick or Treat! Or Not.

Trick or Treat! Or Not.

Trick-or-treating. I love it. I gladly walk around with my kids on Halloween while they go from door to door collecting their goodies. It’s not helicopter parenting. Halloween is my favorite time of year and walking the dark streets, admiring children’s costumes, watching parents with their first timers, appreciating the hard work that some people … Continue reading

The Magic of a Moment

Mini Me is a creative soul. Some of her favorite things to do are draw, write, and blabber on about nonsense that no one understands but her. We all just kind of nod and smile, because she’s got some insane things going on in that head of hers. Just like her mama. At the beginning of … Continue reading

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Separation Anxiety

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Separation Anxiety

This pretty much sums up mine and Gummy’s relationship lately. I must be in eyesight, but she would pretty much prefer to just wrap herself around an arm or hand. Constantly. I gave birth to a cuddly monkey, y’all. Or judging by the size of her feet, she could also be a Hobbit.

It’s A Girl’s World

Mini-Me is a Girl Scout. I wrote briefly last year about us trying to find her a group in our area. We ended up putting her in one that was based in a Presbyterian church just minutes from our house, mainly because it was the only group that didn’t have a shrew as a Troop Leader … Continue reading

Back To School – A Breakdown

The kids started a new school year a few weeks ago.  I’m obviously a little late with this post. I think the novelty has probably already worn off – for them, certainly for me, and for everyone else in the blogosphere – but I’ll write about it anyway.  Let’s face it.  It’s a huge deal … Continue reading