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Mom’s Day Out

My husband knows me. I try to act like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he tells me that I need to get out of the house…but he’s right. I don’t like to admit that I’m the type of person that needs time to be with just myself. I’m not sure why. It … Continue reading

TMI Friday: I Don’t Feel Sexy

I don’t feel sexy. The last time I felt sexy was probably sometime in my second trimester of pregnancy. What I generally feel like now is a mom whose hair is a mess and whose shirt is always stained with something. A maid – always walking behind someone and picking up. A cook – always … Continue reading

Confession Time

I’ve been cheating on you guys. I have found another place to hang out on the interwebz. It wasn’t you. I promise. It was me. I didn’t feel like writing, then I stopped reading your blogs, then I fell out of the loop, then I felt like an outsider, then…my awesome husband told me to … Continue reading

There’s No Crying in Sleep Training

Sleep training has begun. My No Cry Sleep Solution book finally came in last week and with Mike being out-of-town until today, I figured that it was a perfect time to read the book and put the strategies to work. I assumed that it would be a stressful event and having just one of us stressed … Continue reading

Adventures In Co-sleeping

Last night started out like any other. Gummy wouldn’t sleep in her crib. She woke up less than 30 minutes after I had laid her down. I fought to try to keep her there, but not very hard. After a few attempts at comforting her back to sleep, I picked her up and placed her in our … Continue reading

A New Year’s Eve Toast

A New Year’s Eve Toast

Tonight, I am spending time at home with the family, playing board games, and sharing some beer with my loving husband. I hope that you are spending time with those that are closest to you, ringing in a year that will be filled with hope, health, and love. From my family to yours – have a … Continue reading


While browsing Pinterest today, I came across a tip on child raising.  Someone had pinned the picture below and I looked at it thinking that it was a list of milestones for babies to achieve. Nope.  It’s a list of milestones for older children in order for them to “function” in the real world by … Continue reading

Have Minivan, Will Travel.

Today I drove to work in my new new-to-me minivan, a.k.a mom-mobile, a.k.a four-digit-balling family style pimp wagon, a.k.a fun bus…or whichever name you so choose.  I’ve noticed that its common practice to give your minivan an expressive name.  I think parents have decided that as long it’s not referred to as a “minivan”, it still … Continue reading

Mrs. Amazing

I’m a Mrs, now.  When Mike and I started dating, I called him “Mr. Amazing” in my blog.  He reminded me of this the other night and said that it makes me Mrs. Amazing. I am completely fine with that. Our wedding weekend was busy, but full of family and utterly fantastic.    

The Headless Chicken

So, I keep coming back here to blog…I had planned on writing a funny blog on a few things I learned during my week-long vacation, but I just haven’t gotten to it this week. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, making sure everything is set for the wedding tomorrow, has taken … Continue reading

We’re Halfway There!

Yesterday marked the halfway point in my pregnancy – 20 weeks! It’s incredibly exciting. The baby is now a banana.  I still haven’t quite figured out how the baby went from being a mango to a banana, but I also saw something on a site other than What to Expect that compared it to a small … Continue reading

Taboo is my Middle Name

I am no stranger to going against what is “acceptable”.  At 15 I had my tongue pierced and walked around school in a shirt that said “Porn Star”. I work in an office and have a chest tattoo.  I do what I want.  I generally say what I want. People can go fuck themselves if … Continue reading