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Watermelon In My Belly

2 weeks and 5 days to go.  According to the fruit charts and my handy little What to Expect app on my phone the baby is now a watermelon.  This, to me, is the most appropriate food on those stupid fruit charts.  That and maybe the raspberry…remember when the baby was a raspberry?  So darling. … Continue reading

The Homestretch

We only have 4 weeks to go, unless Gummy decides to be fashionably late.  I don’t even like thinking about that possibility right now.  The weekly doctor’s visits will start this week and, if I remember correctly, the weekly pelvic exams. Yippee!  I don’t even care what my nether regions probably look like at this … Continue reading


I tried to come up with a cute little title for this blog, buy my Braxton Hicks are killing my concentration.  Usually, I only have maybe one or two at night.  This is the first time I’ve had to deal with them at work and these are probably the most uncomfortable contractions so far.  We … Continue reading

My Cheese Is Soft.

I’m fairly certain I mentioned in my last blog the horrible attitude that I’ve developed this trimester.  Some days I feel like a toddler that wants to just slam their ass down on the floor and have a fit – not for any reason other than nothing seems to please me or to be going … Continue reading

Single Digits

I’ve come out of my state of hormonal imbalance hiding! The single digit countdown has begun.  We are sitting at 8 weeks and 5 days until D-Day and I will admit that the third trimester has gotten to me.  We’ve entered the phase of hot flashes and swollen feet.  It’s not pretty.  My hormones are out … Continue reading


While browsing Pinterest today, I came across a tip on child raising.  Someone had pinned the picture below and I looked at it thinking that it was a list of milestones for babies to achieve. Nope.  It’s a list of milestones for older children in order for them to “function” in the real world by … Continue reading

The Way To A Pregnant Girls Heart

This morning Mike and I got up earlier than usual and made breakfast for the kids. Ok, so we both got up early, but he made breakfast.  I cut the strawberries and put out cards and candy for everybody, because I’m awesome like that. I wasn’t expecting anything, but behold! a heart-shaped box and various … Continue reading

15 Weeks To Go?!

I hit 25 weeks today.  Why do I feel like it’s “crunch time”? Maybe because: 1. Things I have for the baby = one onesie that may or may not fit when Gummy is born, depending on her weight.  And a stuffed carrot sporting a mustache that I bought months ago. 2. I am still … Continue reading

Like Riding a Bike

I had recently made reference to the fact that I might be a little frightened that I don’t know how to care for a baby anymore, since my youngest is 9 and I have hardly even been in the room with an infant since she was little.  All my worries are now over. And if … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Pregnant Women Love Candy

Regular candy AND eye candy.  Thanks to the pregnant chicken for coming up with these arousing, yet hilarious pictures, which she refers to as “pregnant porn”.  If you haven’t been on her site, you should visit.

A Ride on the Emotional Roller Coaster

I had my first pang of anxiety today over the baby.  I have spent the last 23 weeks as a solid rock of courage and nonchalance.  Mike would ask me if I was nervous or scared about any of it, even the littlest bit.  I was dead serious when I looked him in the eye … Continue reading

Yes, I Have to Pee. Again.

22 weeks, 3 days…and counting.  “Honeymoon” trimester?  I don’t know about all that. It’s better than the first and not as bad as the third. As Mike so kindly pointed out last night (thanks baby), it’s pretty much all downhill from here. I don’t know what it is about this pregnancy, but I’ve been completely … Continue reading