Sleepovers: Middle School Edition

There is always one friend in a group that hosts the majority of the sleepovers. For us, that was Melanie. In all honesty, I was staying over at her house (or passing out in her car on one of the side streets in her neighborhood) most weekends up until I graduated high school – but … Continue reading

Happy Belated {39/365}

Happy Belated {39/365}

It was my birthday yesterday and I didn’t pick up my camera once. I skipped my 365. My husband says that makes me a cheater. So today, because it was the first day of my new year and I have yet to take a picture with me in it this week, I took a self-portrait. … Continue reading

The One Where I am Loving (34 / 35)

Originally posted on Mike, In Transition:
Pardon me sir, is that a doodie on your upper lip? The woman in this picture is my wife, I have had two before her, but she is the one.  Today is her birthday, so we will not mention the other two again.  In its strictest measure this picture…

Hugs {37/365}

Hugs {37/365}

Our son, Adam, is visiting us from Utah for the next few weeks. This means about a million games of Monopoly and that I will probably have all the Minecraft metals and their symbols memorized by the time he leaves. Yes, this picture is blurry, but moments like this can’t be missed. We’re all glad … Continue reading

Sleep {36/365}

Sleeping by the light of his phone. Technically speaking, this is a day late, but I’m sure you won’t hold it against me.

Happy Accidents {34/365}

Sometimes things don’t go as we planned them. A photo, our day, a blogging session, our “life plan”…or even a holiday…but sometimes those instances where things don’t turn out produce something better than we ever wanted them to be in the first place.

Keeping Busy {33/365}

THIS has taken up a lot of my time the last few days, you guys. Like, a lot. No, not the UPS man. The other thing. That little sign I’m holding. You see, I’m participating in a photography scavenger hunt on Clickin Moms. It has been lots of fun, but in order for me to … Continue reading

Don’t Be “That” Person

Last Thursday night, Mini Me and I took an overnight trip with her Girl Scout troop to Sea World in San Diego. Besides it being 30 straight hours of non-stop activity, it was an amazing trip. We were part of Camp Sea World – for a very reasonable fee we were given a t-shirt, fed … Continue reading

Worn {31/365}

115 degrees outside, two job interviews, trying to get a one-year-old to keep a pair of high heels on long enough for me to get a picture, and sticky hands in my hair. That was today.