Get to Know Me

Once upon a time, there was a Southern girl named Amanda. She was brought up a sweet, young lady – but then her dad moved her to Las Vegas when she was 14. She tried leaving many times, but the city kept calling her back. Now she’s tattooed and can’t stop saying the word fuck, no matter how hard she tries. Some things can’t be helped.

Fast forward a few years to the beginning of this blog – 2010, to be exact.

She’s the single mom of two kids. Having left an abusive relationship with her kids’ dad, the girl was working hard getting her life back. She was evidently also trying to get her 20’s back, because she played even harder than she worked. We’ll call this period Beaus and Booze.
It was fun, but sad really. She had given up on finding love of any sort and had set her sights on a life of spinsterhood.

Then, out of the blue, there was this guy. He made her laugh, took her on the best first date ever, and was too shy to kiss her good night. She loved him.
They moved in together. He asked her to marry him! The Southerner was happy.
Two weeks later, she was buying wine, Twizzlers, and a pregnancy test.

Now? Amanda is married, the mom to a toddler and 4 other beasts, works a full-time job, is a budding photographer, and is oh so very fried. She’s still tattooed (those things just don’t go away, you know) and still says fuck; too much for most people’s taste. Southern girls aren’t supposed to talk or look that way. But like I said – some things just can’t be helped.



29 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

  1. heya, since you so nicely subscribed to my blog, i thought i’d let you know that i’ve got a prego blog too – i haven’t included it or attached it to my “regular” blog because i’m not telling any of my friends yet (just randoms i meet online? ha. nice randoms though, obviously.) just in case you wanted to check it out:

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  3. Ahh, another refreshing story of someone finding love when they stop looking for it. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! Thank you for following my blog, also. I hope the my posts can help you reach even more fans!

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