Get to Know the Family

Mike: The husband. Lover of music, taking pictures of his food, NPR, and his family. Not in that particular order.

Little Man: Son #1. 14. Lover of Xbox, Modern Warfare, and food. In that order.

Mini-Me: Daughter #1. 11 going on 16. Lover of snacks, TV, cutting up her clothes to make outfits for her stuffed animals, and doing the opposite of everything her parents tell her.

The Toddler: Daughter #2. 18 months. Lover of climbing, music, throwing food, and co-sleeping. And smacking those closest to her.

The Enforcer: Son #2. 16. Lives in Utah with his mom. Lover of books, taking over the world, and making sure people (all people) follow what he believes should be “the rules”.

The Apparition: Son #3. 21. Lives in Utah with his girlfriend, who has already given herself his last name on Facebook. We’ll call her Eager. Lover of his girlfriend, music, randomly stating that he is giving up social media, and not calling his father. I’m beginning to believe that he may be a figment of my imagination.

My mom: Lover of God. She moved here, single, three years ago to be closer to her grand kids. She ended up with a nice job, a nice son-in-law, 3 new grand kids, and finally – a nice, God-loving husband.


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